To deal with electronic and textile, fashion and technology, it’s important to understand some basic of electricity and especially when you will start to build sensors or make circuit.


When you understand how electricity behave, you realise that you can easily re-create some everyday life objects like a speaker.

and if you use conductive thread instead of regular wire, you can make a speaker entirely in textile or this tutorial. In this case it’s excessively interesting because the fabric  became a actuators.


Useful links:
Flat spiral coil inductor calculator 

The crying dress by Kobakant (making of)

With the principle of a basic circuit with a spiral and a magnet we can also create a movement.
A magnet have two poles (North and South) and when you send electricity into the spiral you create an electromagnetic field with a polarity.
Like the principale of a solenoid, if you change the way of the current once you attract the magnet and to the other you repulse it so you create a movement.


Using this system, Ebru Kurbak and Irene Posch made this beautiful project Crafted logic.