During this session, we will experiment on the concept of evolutive pattern. What type of tools we can use to produce some generative pattern or element that evolve in time for example.

The first tool will be a numeric one : Processing
With this element, we are able to generate pattern, randomly or trigger by some data that we gather around use.

An interesting process is to extract the pattern that you have generate on  processing (numeric) to use it in the physical world (flip flop concept) like screen printing.
Following this idea, you will make some pattern that you will cut to create stencil for screen printing.
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The second way to create evolving pattern will be to use thermochromatic pigment. By printing element, we will be able to combine it with regular pigment and to obtain a series of moving pattern when you heat it.

After screen-printing it you can trigger the change of color by adding a simple heat circuit control with a microcontroller.

Ref :
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