For this pressure sensor we started by putting together 2 layers of spacer (on each side). Then we sewed some conductive thread (this one has steel in it) into the panels and put them together crisscross like #.


The next step was to sew some resistive plasticky fabric on top of one of the pads making sure that it covered all the conductive thread.

14628013_10154787343489560_1501630352_n   14741688_10154787343324560_2038551262_n

Then the two pads were sewn together.

14697034_10154787342259560_1338851462_n 14800736_10154787340544560_207930743_n

With the sensor ready all that was left to do was to make it the on/off switch by attaching some conductive threads to a coincell batteryholder (containing a battery) and an LED light, taking care of making a circle with + & -.

14797478_10154787339014560_135055298_n 14741580_10154787335379560_1317892234_n

Demonstration of strength of light according to how much pressure is put on the sensor. The resisitve fabric becomes more conductive the closer the circuits are together or how much pressure is applied to conduct the energy.