Here is my first sample with waterproof fabric with the conductive thread as a switch.

When the water attaches the conductive thread, the light is going to be light up!

I used glue to attach the conductive thread to the waterproof fabric, as I was wondering to sew the waterproof fabrics. It might kill the waterproof function.




Then, I was going to make some tests with different methods.

Sewing and gluing to make sure which technique should I use.  And explore the designs with the level of conductivity!


The First sample using glue to attach the conductive thread


I got around 900! It’s really strong!!!


The Second sample using gluing and sewing


I got around 750!


The Third sample using just sewing


I got around 700!


In conclusion, The designs and the methods does not matter for the conductive.

The only thing is that with the sewing going to make it  not perfectly waterproof function.

But still waterproof effect!!





Here we can watch the waterproof switch!!