Seeing as the work wasn’t going fast enough with only one mould I tried making a mould with proper silicone for moulding and this time i cast my entire piece as well.

Debating how to do a tiny mold best for the silicone.


Ended with covering this box absoloutly in tape and ran water into it to check the waterproofness

3D prints fitted inside the box.

img_3299 img_3300

Certain holes in 3D print covered due to defects in the design of the piece.

img_3301 img_3302

All ready to go. Pieces tacked lightly down with a glue gun so theyre stable and wouldn’t float.

img_3303 img_3304

Scales, measuring cup, wooden stirrer, the silicone, hardener and box.


After thoughrow blending and percise measurements the silicone is finally in the box and I wait for it to set.


Silicone is set! Looks funny!

img_3314 img_3315

Out of the box, even funnier! Top/bottom of mould.

img_3316 img_3317



After removing top layer encasing the 3d print it looked like this.


Resin in the mould!


Removing the resin from the actual moulding piece was horribly hard and unpleasant. It broke in the end from sheer strain.

img_3328 img_3329